Chinese Learning for Kids

Maybe a lot parents hope their children could speak Chinese well, but which kind of Chinese you may want your kids to learn? The truth is that Chinese has some branches, including standard Chinese(or Mandarin), Cantonese, Minnan dialect and so on. But in China generally people use standard Chinese to communicate in case of misunderstanding if other kinds are used. But country people still prefer their own languages, but they can understand standard Chinese if you can speak it. So learning Mandarin should be a wise choice.

First, give the kids simple books to read. Books are always a fascinating stuff. But if teaching a child, you need to choose a book carefully. Most probably choose the simple Chinese books with English explanation and illustrations. Children are always have strong passion in beautiful pictures. If this is put, actually Chinese learning for children can be easy. In fact, other story books with vivid pictures should be suggested. Using small stories, children will learn Chinese quickly. Certainly it will be more wonderful if you as a parent can speak Chinese. Then you can try to read simple Chinese books to your children and explain it if necessary.

Second, choose proper audio materials to listen to. On the Internet lots of audio materials are available, why not choose one for the children? Practically it is suitable to begin with Chinese alphabet, which resembles English very much in letter, only the sounds are different. You had better learn with your kids.

At last, Rosetta Stone Chinese is a typical example for kids. This item contains basic knowledge of Chinese and it is divided into different levels. It is a natural way of learning.

Also learning other languages for kids, like Spanish or English(if you are not native English speakers). When you choose Rosetta Stone Spanish or Rosetta Stone English, you can also find its efficiency.

Certainly you can take your children to China as another good way of learning once you have time and money.

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